Red, Irritated Eyes? Let’s Explore Why

At Roholt Vision Institute, we are committed to friendly, professional care for families in the areas of Canfield, Alliance, and North Canton. In our years of service to patients of all ages, we have seen a wide variety of concerns. Our experience affords us the insight necessary to reach conclusions regarding the factors that may… Read More »

Fostering Optimal Eye Health

Your ability to see well is a vital aspect of your quality of life. Vision is not something that most of us really think about – until we have to. There are several very good reasons to consider how the habits you practice today will affect you in the future. Many of the eye conditions… Read More »

Is it Time to Consider Cataract Removal Surgery?

Cataracts, or the clouding of the lens of the eye, present an enormous problem for older individuals. We tend to associate cataracts with “old age,” but statistics show that the risk for this condition is relatively strong for any individual aged 40 or older. We also know from statistics that the number of cases of… Read More »

Maximize Safety when Driving at Night

We all want to feel safe on the road. While we may not be able to control aspects like the weather when we must drive, we can improve our own safety and the safety of others by attending to our own needs. Here, we will discuss the ways in which night driving can be improved.… Read More »

Diabetic? Here’s how to Manage Eye Health

People with diabetes are in constant management mode. They must keep blood sugar at a consistent level in order to preserve the functional operations of various parts of the body. The eyes are a particular concern for diabetics, as the tiny blood vessels in ocular tissues and structures such as the retina can sustain damage… Read More »

Sunglasses: a Fashion Accessory and so much More!

In today’s society, we can make just about anything into a fashion accessory – and we find a way to do just that. When it comes to sunglasses, though, it is important to keep in mind that, in this instance, form comes secondary to function. Sunglasses play a very important role in your overall eye… Read More »

Are you doing the Dry Eye Shuffle?

More than 20 million people in our country suffer the occasional flare-up and symptoms of dry eye disease. When bouts of itchy, scratchy, watery eyes affect you, you may react in some of these common ways: You may first shuffle to uncover the cause of your eye irritation. You may trade your contact lenses for… Read More »

LASIK, It’s Worth a Look!

LASIK surgery has been conducted by trained ophthalmologists since the early 1990s. There is nothing new or frightening about this procedure. Still, misconceptions about laser devices can lead potential patients to shy away from a short surgery that could change their life for the better. We can understand why, if you don’t understand the technical… Read More »

5 Habits that may be Aging your Eyes

When we think about aging, we may think of just about anything but our vision. We worry over the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or feel concerned about chronic aches and pains. These are understandably unpleasant changes that seem to characterize the aging process. Fortunately, healthy lifestyle habits and, when necessary, focused medical care,… Read More »

Blurred Vision? Let’s Explore Potential Causes.

After you have been awake for a few minutes, you should expect to see clearly when you look across the room. If you can’t, or if objects look somewhat blurred when you take your eyes from one to another at various distances, you want to schedule an eye exam. There are several reasons why you… Read More »

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