The Lasik Suite

The laser surgery environment can impact the results of any eye surgery especially LASIK, or PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy). This is why Dr. Roholt custom designed an operating suite to perform your surgery.

Fine particulate matter, including bacteria, viruses or fungi can be present in operating room air. At Roholt Vision Institute (RVI) the operating room air is triple-cleaned using industrial HEPA filters and positive pressure ventilation to maintain a laboratory Clean Room standard equal to ISO level 8. Thus the interface under the LASIK flap and the ablated surface after PRK is more likely to be pristine at the end of your surgery. The new SMILE procedure does not have an exposed surface, so is believed to be less susceptible to contaminants.

The excimer laser operates most consistently at 69ºF and 40% humidity. Higher or lower temperature and humidity influence the laser cavity performance and tissue removal rate. At RVI a unique system is used to immediately remove the laser thermal load from the laser suite. Many laser centers ignore these important facets of quality control. Sometimes an excimer laser is temporarily rolled into an office procedure room; delicate laser optics are subjected to varied nonstandard conditions in the offices and in the transport truck. At RVI ideal room conditions are maintained in order to ensure excellent results.

Electrical power backup is critical to safe performance of LASIK. Dr. Roholt uses an industrial Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to provide continuous electricity to the laser during your procedure. In the unlikely event of a power failure due to storms, etc., your LASIK, SMILE, or PRK will be safely completed.

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