After Lasik


At Roholt Vision Institute LASIK surgeries are performed primarily on Thursday afternoon and Fridays. This allows patients to rest their eyes for the entire weekend. Patients can return to work and resume normal daily activities on Monday, unless the procedure is PRK, then back to work Wednesday. Patients should plan on scheduling their procedure Thursday or Friday before a relaxing weekend free from events or activities.  For SMILE, normal activity can be resumed the following day, although initially you should be cautious about night driving.

Patients can expect to experience some redness, burning, blurriness, glare or halo during night driving, and/or fluctuations in their vision following LASIK or other eye surgery. Symptoms will vary per person and can last up to one month following LASIK surgery.

Your best visual result is not obtained until between three and six months following the LASIK or refractive eye procedure. Maintaining a positive attitude, realistic expectations, and understanding the healing process will further ensure a successful visual outcome.

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