Which Lasik Laser is Best?

The lasers used for LASIK are miracles of modern technology. At RVI, we employ the new Zeiss Visumax™, the Zeiss MEL-80, and the Ziemer Femto LDV™ for refractive surgery, LASIK and SMILE™. Zeiss is the leading name in surgical optics, and the outcomes in FDA studies document the excellence of these lasers. They are advanced “flying-spot” lasers. Patient comfort is maximized because there is a seamless transfer from the flap to the excimer ablation portions of LASIK. The Visumax™ is used for LASIK flap construction and SMILE. The laser is unique because it uses a contoured coupling shape, and low vacuum to fashion a painless, accurate flap.

Roholt Vision was the first in the Midwest to perform Zyoptix™ Wavefront-guided LASIK; now with newer, faster Zeiss technology with pupil recognition and an accurate eyetracker, and an advanced optimized algorithm, the MEL-80 excimer laser is another first in NE Ohio. The Zeiss MEL-80 treats with an aberration smart ablation profile that adjusts energy delivery based on the curvature of the cornea to maintain a natural prolate corneal shape. The Zeiss system is capable of customizing pupil treatment optical zone to reduce glare, and is effective in treating myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

One way to compare the different lasers is to look at the results submitted to the FDA by the laser manufacturers. FDA approval studies are carefully reviewed, unbiased studies which give the consumer an accurate comparative picture of a laser’s performance.

For detailed information, in context, please refer to the original FDA PMA’s. For myopia less than -8 diopters, most clinical studies show that PRK and LASIK are comparable, so FDA information on PRK is included when LASIK is not available. This data clearly shows the excellence of the MEL-80 for treatment of myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism.

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