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Symfony®, ReStor®, Tecnis®, Crystalens® and KAMRA® Near Vision Correction

We now have options available to correct presbyopia. What is “presbyopia?” Presbyopia is the inability to see up close when the vision is corrected for distance vision. The internal lens of the eye has become inflexible and the focusing muscle is weakened due to lack of use. Currently, there are several ways (other than glasses or contact lens) to deal with the annoyance of presbyopia. First, we can create myopia, a near vision condition in one eye, which then does all the reading tasks. This is called “Blended Vision” or “monovision.” LASIK, SMILE, PRK, or CK (Conductive Keratoplasty) can all be used to achieve monovision. Some patients reject monovision because it interferes with depth perception.

Next is the KAMRA® Corneal Inlay. Performed in the office (sometimes in conjunction with PRK or LASIK), it provides an aperture effect to enhance near vision without loss of depth perception. Both KAMRA® and Monovision leave the natural, dysfunctional lens in place.

The use of Multifocal lens implants is the third option to correct presbyopia. The advantage here is that a patient can have distance vision and reading vision for near tasks, generally without the need for reading glasses or bifocals. Another benefit to these implants is the correction of myopia or hyperopia so that spectacles or contacts are not needed. There are currently several lens implants capable of providing this range of vision.

The lens implants available for presbyopia are the PanOptyx®, Symfony®, Tecnis® and the ReStor® which are multifocal lenses, meaning the far and near lens power is incorporated into the lens implant design. The Symphony® is an Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) lens, which gives a smooth focus from far vision to “iPhone” distance. The Crystalens® has an accommodative design allowing it to shift or flex slightly with the focus effort. Each one of these designs has its advantages and disadvantages, and Drs. Roholt, Celmer and Wohl are familiar with all types. In fact, Dr. Roholt was the first eye surgeon in the Midwest to be certified in all types of presbyopia implants. The RVI doctors and the staff will discuss your individual visual needs to ensure that you obtain CustomCorrection™! See the following links for more information on these lenses:

Alcon PanOptyx®

Symphony® Click Here

ReStor® –
Tecnis ®–
Crystalens® –

KAMRA® Click Here

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