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VISIAN® ICL in North Canton, Canfield & Alliance, OH

The Visian® ICL family of lenses are Intraocular Collamer Lens (in Europe, the same lens is called Intraocular Contact Lens).  If you have myopia or astigmatism, the Visian® ICL can correct your sight giving you sharp, clear vision. STAAR introduced the first ICL for myopia in 1997, and now more than one million ICL’s have been implanted worldwide with a great safety record.  US FDA approved the Visian® in 2006.  Next came the introduction of the Visian® Toric ICL in September 2018.  The Visian® ICL may give you a High-Definition clarity of vision often even better than what you may get with SMILE or LASIK. The night vision is excellent, and patients with the ICL have a 99% satisfaction rate.

The Visian® ICL is a removable, upgradable option. Your natural crystalline lens is left in the eye. The Visian® ICL procedure involves placing an intraocular collamer lens implant inside the eye. Collamer is a synthetic collagen which is extremely biocompatible with the ocular tissues.  The surgery is generally done in a 15 minute procedure under topical anesthesia, one eye at a time. The Visian® ICL implant rests between the iris and the lens. The vision result is quick, with functional, unaided vision the day after your surgery! The Visian® ICL works for your moderate to high myopia (near-sighted vision). And for higher myopia, the ICL has been shown to give you better vision than LASIK!  The ICL implant can be upgraded with LASIK enhancement or other lens implants later if needed.


The VHF UBM (Very High Frequency Ultrasonic Bio-Microscope) is an ultrasonic device used to examine the internal structures of  your eye. The surgeon can more accurately size the ICL using UBM. Roholt Vision Institute was one of only 3 practices in the country to utilize the original Artemis II UBM for ICL sizing. For your eyes, we will use the Quantel Aviso 50 Hz UBM, which we believe is superior for ease of use, reliability, and accuracy – you should insist on this examination if you are considering a Visian® ICL for myopia  or astigmatism.  See the Roholt article on ICL sizing.


  • Great for you if you have thin corneas
  • In harmony with your natural eyes. Biofilm protects the Visian® ICL and you have no external irritation/allergy as in contact lens
  • If you have dry eyes, it will not induce or aggravate your dry eye syndrome
  • Your corneal tissue is not removed
  • Your eyes are better shielded from ultraviolet light since the Visian® ICL has UV protection

Dr. Roholt was the first surgeon in Ohio to offer this life-enhancing option for patients. Even in 2008, Dr. Roholt ranked first among all doctors in Ohio with implanting the most Visian® ICL lenses, and since then he and Dr. Celmer have helped many other patients with this amazing technology.

For more information regarding the Visian® ICL  visit or contact Roholt Vision Institute to schedule an appointment today.

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