Results of Lasik Surgery

Roholt Vision Institute (RVI) is pleased to present results of our LASIK surgery. Continuous quality improvement is maintained using outcomes analysis, through the B & L Zyoptix™ analyzer to evaluate our data; these results are utilized to improve treatment nomograms. RVI is one of the few LASIK centers in the country that continually analyses it’s own performance. Discount LASIK centers keep poor patient data, and corporate laser centers usually won’t give results for individual doctors’ performance.

Results shown here differ from published FDA data; FDA study patients are hand-picked from a qualified pool of candidates. The results presented here represent that of an advanced private practice. The success rate parallels other nationally known B & L Technolas 217 users.*

Myopia (D)
-1 to -7


Data based on 1 year post-operative

All patients treated by Philip Roholt, M.D. with Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217A Zyoptix

Enhancement rate 2.3%

*Durrie & Kezerian, JCRS 2005, Lim et al, AJO 2006, Sanchez-Pina et al, ArchSocEspOftal, show results 20/20 at 3 mo from 69%-96% for general comparison.

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