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LASIK ServicesLASIK surgery has been conducted by trained ophthalmologists since the early 1990s. There is nothing new or frightening about this procedure. Still, misconceptions about laser devices can lead potential patients to shy away from a short surgery that could change their life for the better. We can understand why, if you don’t understand the technical aspects of LASIK or laser vision correction, that you may not give it a second glance.

The primary impression that people have about lasers, overall, is that they conduct heat. Rightfully so, when you are looking only at certain types of lasers. In medicine, as well as dentistry, it seems that the most commonly used devices are designed to cut and cauterize simultaneously, which means heat. Whether it has been done for more than thirty years or not, anyone would think twice about having a tiny heated missile pointed at their eye. Fortunately, this is not at all what happens during LASIK surgery. Let’s shed some light on this procedure.

What Really Happens During LASIK Surgery

The downside to LASIK surgery has nothing to do with the procedure itself, and everything to do with the nerves you may feel if you don’t know exactly what to expect. Most of the laser procedures performed here at Roholt Vision Institute last only about 30 minutes, and we make the process as comfortable and stress-free as possible:

  • To calm your nerves, we may give you a mild sedative prior to your procedure.
  • Local anesthetic is administered in the form of eye drops. Within moments, the eyes are numb.
  • The sensations that may be felt during LASIK are mild pressure and vibration. Most patients do not describe their experience as uncomfortable in the least.
  • After the anesthetic has worn off, it is likely that your eyes will feel somewhat irritated. We suggest resting at home for the remainder of the day following laser eye surgery.
  • Any mild discomfort that remains after LASIK diminishes over a few days. Normal activities can be resumed the day after surgery.

How LASIK Laser Surgery is Unique

Typically, laser light is considered “hot.” However, there are different wavelengths that run along the “cool” spectrum, and these are what are used in LASIK surgery. Though there is still a degree of heat to any laser light, the energy used to correct vision is gentle and safe.

Have you looked away from the benefits of LASIK? Get the facts at Roholt Vision Institute and see how you can see more clearly.


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