Posts From June, 2020

Getting to the Root Cause of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye syndrome is a common problem that can affect adults of all ages. In some cases, we see symptoms similar to dry eye syndrome occur in teens. These symptoms include redness, a gritty or foreign body sensation, and tearing. Some people who struggle with severe dry eye syndrome may notice a thick mucus at… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jun 30 2020
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Should You Seek Treatment for Cataracts?

It is reasonable to expect to be able to drive comfortably at nighttime, to work at a computer or watch television without screens looking cloudy or dull. When speaking with others, either in person or on video-chat, we expect to be able to read facial cues and see details of other’s faces. For people with… Read More »

  • Posted on: Jun 30 2020
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