Red, Irritated Eyes? Let’s Explore Why

eye rednessAt Roholt Vision Institute, we are committed to friendly, professional care for families in the areas of Canfield, Alliance, and North Canton. In our years of service to patients of all ages, we have seen a wide variety of concerns. Our experience affords us the insight necessary to reach conclusions regarding the factors that may be behind certain symptoms, such as redness and irritation. Having red, itchy, watery eyes can be distressing if the problem lingers, or you’re not sure what to do about. Here, we will explore some of the common reasons eyes get red and irritated, and what you can do to manage your situation if this does occur.

Red eyes may stem from:

  • Allergies. One of the most prominent ways that the body responds to contact with an allergen such as pollen or pet dander is with itching and swelling around the eyes. The nose may become runny, and eyes may water, as well. What to do: In many cases, the symptoms of allergies can be managed with allergy medication purchased over the counter. However, severe or chronic allergies may require a prescription to keep symptoms under control.
  • Broken blood vessel or injury. A broken blood vessel could result from an injury, from heavy lifting, or just because. This cause of redness can look pretty serious due to the fact that blood seeps onto the surface of the eye. However, a broken vessel will most often resolve without specific care. An injury such as a scratched cornea may not present obvious symptoms other than pain. What to do: In either situation, it is best so schedule an eye exam. Even though a broken blood vessel may not require treatment, we like to investigate whether or not there is an underlying condition that caused the break.
  • Infection. Redness is not the only indication that the infection we know as pink eye has developed. This condition also usually causes discharge and a burning sensation. Contrary to popular belief, pink eye is not always contagious; it may be related to allergies. What to do: If you are not absolutely certain that you have allergic conjunctivitis rather than the contagious type, do not touch your eyes. Cold compresses may be applied to soothe irritation. Medical care is needed if discharge becomes green or yellow, or if a fever develops.

We have three conveniently located offices to serve you. If you have a problem such as redness or irritation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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