Blurred Vision? Let’s Explore Potential Causes.

Myopia Treatment | Hyperopia Treatment Canton OH | Akron | AllianceAfter you have been awake for a few minutes, you should expect to see clearly when you look across the room. If you can’t, or if objects look somewhat blurred when you take your eyes from one to another at various distances, you want to schedule an eye exam. There are several reasons why you may struggle with visual acuity. A few conditions that may cause blurry vision are:


One of the common causes of blurriness is myopia, or nearsightedness. People with myopia typically have no trouble observing objects that are closer to them. It is objects in the distance, such as road signs, that may be difficult to see clearly. Often, people who are nearsighted experience eye strain and headaches, which may be due to squinting. Myopia may be the result of a longer eyeball surface, causing light to miss its mark at the back of the eye.


Hyperopia has the opposite effect of myopia, causing people to squint trying to read labels or see close objects more clearly. Hyperopia, referred to as farsightedness, may also cause symptoms such as headaches due to the eye strain of trying to achieve better acuity without glasses. Hyperopia may occur when the eyeball is shorter than it should be to adequately refract light off the retina.

Dry Eye Disease

Blurred vision that occurs after several hours of computer use or other screen time may be a side effect of dry eyes. This condition may also be related to allergies or eye fatigue from other activities, such as reading. Chronic dry eyes may feel tired, achy, itchy, and they may water excessively. In addition to discomfort, the person with dry eyes may have difficulty focusing. A temporary solution may be to use lubricating eye drops. However, some people require medical treatment to keep tears and nourishing substances on the surface of the eyes.

Clear, crisp vision is necessary to enjoy your work and recreational activities. At Roholt Vision Institute, with three locations in Ohio, we provide the level of care you need to maintain eye health. Address visual disturbances early. Contact us today.

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