Is it Time to Consider Cataract Removal Surgery?

cataractCataracts, or the clouding of the lens of the eye, present an enormous problem for older individuals. We tend to associate cataracts with “old age,” but statistics show that the risk for this condition is relatively strong for any individual aged 40 or older. We also know from statistics that the number of cases of cataracts outnumber the all other common eye conditions combined, including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

A common school of thought about cataracts is that the clouded lens can be removed “whenever.” The question is, when is the right time for you to seek cataract removal surgery? The process of removing the lens and replacing it with a new, clear lens may sound complex, leading you to postpone what could actually improve your vision. Let’s take a look at reasons you may want to explore your treatment option now rather than later.

  • You have obtained non-surgical treatment for cataracts but the impairment to your vision is progressing. Many patients first try lifestyle changes such as enhancing the lighting in their home or using visual aids such as eyeglasses or glare-reducing glasses.
  • Your active lifestyle is no longer as active as you’d like. We are living longer and healthier lives today than previous generations, which means older individuals are highly interested in travel, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. There is no room for diminished physical performance when you want to fully engage in an active lifestyle.
  • Your lifestyle, in general, seems to be shrinking. Did you once love to go for long walks with your dog? Are you finding that you feel worried about falling due to poor vision, or have you experienced a tumble or two? Reading, drawing, working in the garden, and other hobbies are important to stress relief and quality of life, and a clouded lens should not get in the way of such activities.
  • Driving is a chore. Driving is one of the pinnacles of an independent life, and is an important freedom for the older adult. Due to the effects that cataracts can have on light, this condition could present a challenge to night driving.

Roholt Vision Institute can help you assess the consequences of cataracts and determine the timing that is most appropriate for you. Schedule a visit in one of our three friendly offices.

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