Are you doing the Dry Eye Shuffle?

dry eyesMore than 20 million people in our country suffer the occasional flare-up and symptoms of dry eye disease. When bouts of itchy, scratchy, watery eyes affect you, you may react in some of these common ways:

You may first shuffle to uncover the cause of your eye irritation. You may trade your contact lenses for eyeglasses for a few days. You may become more mindful of your computer use, and blink more frequently, as your optometrist told you to. If this does not resolve the problem, you then shuffle on to the next step.

When a change in daily habits does not resolve the issue of dry eyes, you may resort to some type of eye drop to sooth the irritation. If you’re like most dry eye suffers, you find that you are reapplying eye drops quite frequently throughout your day just to maintain a moderate level of comfort.

The next shuffle step you may take in trying to restore comfort to your dry, irritated eyes may be to apply warm compresses. Many people are led to believe that warm compresses alone can unblock the glands in the eye that are responsible for tear production. In reality, the relief that comes from warm compresses is usually short-lived. To unblock the meibomian glands takes far greater heat than can be comfortably achieved at home. Ophthalmologists now use a combination of gentle heat and vibration to treat blocked glands.

If you’re tired of doing the dry eye shuffle, it is time to obtain professional help from your experienced eye doctor. At Roholt Vision Institute, patients receive the care they need based on their symptoms, and the severity of them. It has been discovered that one of the primary causes of dry eye syndrome is meibomian gland dysfunction. This condition can be treated any short, 12 minute Lipiflow session. Treatment involves comfortable massage that expresses blocked oil, restoring proper balance to tears.

Learn more about your treatment options for dry eye in one of our conveniently located Ohio offices. Speak with a friendly member of our staff today.

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