3 Seemingly Harmless Habits That Increase Your Risk of Eye Damage

  • Posted on: Apr 10 2014
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You can probably recite, without batting an eyelash, the litany of habits that majority of the population continuously do that harm their health — from chain smoking to excessive alcohol consumption to eating a diet filled with highly processed foods.

When it comes to your eye health, we also noticed here at the Roholt Vision Institute that some patients, upon assessment, are actually not aware of their seemingly harmless habits which actually increases their risk of visual impairment. Read on below to learn more about these habits and find out if you’ve been doing them all this time.

1. Forgetting or neglecting to wear your sunnies.
Sun exposure actually damages your eye’s retina (light-sensitive layer of cells at the back of your eye) whose function is to primarily process an image from the light that is focused and allow the brain to interpret such image.

In addition, forgetting to protect your eyes from the sun may also increase your risk of cataract (clouding of the eye’s natural lens). Lastly, another eye condition associated with unprotected sun exposure is ultraviolet keratitis where the outer portion of the cornea (clear outer part of the eye) is sunburned. This is quite common for individuals who regularly ski.

2. Staring at a screen for too long.
When was the last time you actually blinked? Blinking is often overlooked but it actually plays a large role in producing and redistributing fluid through your eyes. By and large, you should be blinking at least 13 to 15 times per minute. However, staring too long at screens can hinder you from blinking thus you might want to shift your gaze every now and then. Why not look at something far away every minute or so?

3. Wearing old make-up.
The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that you toss your eye cosmetics after 3 months of use. The older your make-up, the more infection-causing bacteria resides in the cosmetics which in turn increases your chances of developing eye infection.

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