Should I see a Doctor for Red Eyes?

  • Posted on: Dec 15 2020
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Unless you’ve pulled an all-nighter to get a big project done or enjoy a late-night show, you’d probably be caught off-guard by noticeably red eyes. Does this condition mean something is wrong? Does it mean you should grab some redness-reducing eye drops? What causes the eyes to get red and what should be done to address this issue? We’ll discuss that here.

Common Causes of Eye Redness

  • Several different allergens could cause the eyes to become red and irritated. Allergies can usually be spotted as the cause by looking at additional symptoms as well as timing. Do your eyes get red more often in the spring when pollen counts are high? You might have allergies. Do your red eyes also water and feel irritated? Do you sneeze or feel stuffy? These are all signs that redness could be an allergic reaction. If an over-the-counter allergy medication does not improve symptoms, see an allergy specialist.
  • Pink eye. Pink eye is a very contagious infection called conjunctivitis. It is usually caused by a virus and will run its course in a week to ten days. However, it is a good idea to see an eye doctor for a formal examination. The doctor can suggest home remedies to manage symptoms or, if necessary, prescribe antibiotics to clear the infection if it is bacterial.
  • Dry eyes. We all get dry eyes from time to time. This could be caused by environmental factors like indoor heating. However, some people have chronically dry eyes, which can be quite a frustrating problem. Sometimes, over-the-counter artificial tears can reduce irritation and redness. However, if the problem persists, an ophthalmic exam should be scheduled. Chronic dry eyes could indicate an imbalance in tear production or the tear film.

Red eyes don’t have to be something you’re known for. This problem may need professional help. Eye doctors recommend against using redness-reducing eye drops. These work by decreasing blood flow through the tiny blood vessels in the eyes. Without sufficient blood flow, the eyes also miss out on adequate oxygenation. Instead of relying on eye drops, rely on the expertise of a board-certified ophthalmologist to help you navigate eye redness.

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