Preparing for LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery can permanently correct vision problems for many people. If you are considering the surgery, it is important to learn more about it and prepare ahead of time for the best results.

LASIKHow does LASIK work?
LASIK stands for ‘laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis.’ It is also often referred to as laser eye surgery. During the procedure, the surgeon will use a laser to reshape the cornea and correct vision problems. In most cases, patients who undergo LASIK no longer have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Who can have LASIK eye surgery?
LASIK eye surgery can be used to correct many vision issues, but it won’t work for everyone. In general, LASIK is used to correct myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatisms. Patients with thin corneas, large pupils, keratoconus, or corneal dystrophy may need to seek alternative treatments.

What should you do to prepare?
When preparing for LASIK eye surgery, you should start by consulting your physician and ophthalmologist to make sure you are healthy enough and suited to surgery.

Your ophthalmologist can review your condition with you and help you know what to expect. Roholt Vision Institute will work closely with your normal eye doctor to help you determine what is best and evaluate the condition of your eyes. At Roholt Vision Institute, the examination will be paired with other tests to make sure you can benefit from the surgery and to ensure accuracy.

You should closely follow the instructions you receive at your consultation. In general you will need to stop wearing your soft contact lenses at least two full weeks before the surgery. If you wear gas permeable lenses, you’ll need to stop using them at least four full weeks before the procedure. If you have other questions about preparing for the surgery, you should ask them during your consultation.

LASIK can permanently improve your vision and remove the need for eyeglasses or corrective contact lenses. This can make your life substantially easier and significantly improve your eyesight. If you’d like to learn more about LASIK eye surgery, as well as alternatives for correcting vision, schedule a consultation at Roholt Vision Institute.

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