Why You Might Want to Consider the KAMRA Inlay

Man smiling working using computer laptopWe are proud to be one of the first offices in our area to offer the KAMRA inlay. This small, implantable lens is made to correct near vision problems. We could describe it as a type of permanent contact lens that can allow people to toss out their reading glasses. This ocular inlay works like a camera lens to direct light to the back of the eye through a narrow opening. The device is much smaller than your average contact lens and, due to its unique structure, can restore 20/20 vision. Here, we discuss some of the benefits that make the KAMRA inlay appealing.

  • No more reading glasses. Most adults need reading glasses at some point. This is due to presbyopia, a condition in which the lens of each eye becomes less flexible. With the KAMRA inlay, patients find that they no longer need to rely on corrective lenses to see near, nor to see far.
  • Improved computer vision. In this era of heavy computer use, more and more people are struggling with digital eye strain. Staring at a computer screen, or any other kind of screen, for several hours can cause the eyes to become dry and irritated. These problems are often worsened by near vision problems. Because the KAMRA inlay improves near vision, it can eliminate the squinting and staring that people tend to do when trying to read smaller print on bright screens.
  • Minimal impact on the ocular surface. If you wear contact lenses every day, all day, your eyes may become irritated due to lack of nutrients and oxygenation. The KAMRA inlay contains nearly 8,500 laser-etched micro-openings through which air and nutrients can reach the eye’s surface. What this means is that there is even less of a risk that the eyes will become dry. The KAMRA inlay is ultra-light, weighing less than a grain of salt. It takes less than 20 minutes for the ophthalmologist to insert the device and very little time to recover from the procedure.
  • It’s reversible! Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide to have a procedure that feels permanent. Even though the idea of permanently improved vision sounds good, you may feel hesitant to have an artificial lens inserted into your eye, where it will stay all the time. But the KAMRA inlay need not be permanent. If, for whatever reason, you no longer wanted the inlay, your doctor can perform a minor, painless procedure to remove it and your near vision would go back to what it was before you had the inlay.

The KAMRA inlay is an outstanding option that can help you see well at all distances. To learn more about this device and what it can do for you, schedule a visit to our Canfield, North Canton, or Alliance office.

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