Habits That Will Protect Your Eyesight

Eyesight is something that many people take for granted, but you use your eyes every single day for almost every single thing you do—protecting your vision is pretty important. The following habits will help you protect your eyes.

Eye ProtectionAlways Wear Eye Protection
One of the most important ways you can protect your eyes is to wear appropriate safety equipment. If you are going to be working with wood, metal, or other objects that could hit you in the face, you need to wear high quality safety glasses. If you’ll be around dangerous fumes or swimming in water, you’ll need to wear goggles, and if you’ll be in the bright sun, you’ll need sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Eat A Balanced Diet
Your eyes need the right nutrients to stay healthy, just like the rest of your body. Most of the foods that are good for the rest of your body are good for your eyes:
• Get beta-carotene from squash, pumpkins, and carrots.
• Get lutein and zeaxanthanin from spinach, kale, eggs, and citrus fruits.
• Get omega-3 fatty acids from seafood.
• Get Vitamin C from strawberries, orange juice, and vegetables.

Take Breaks From The Screen
Spending a lot of time staring at a screen can stain your eyes, cause headaches, and give you blurry vision. Many people have jobs that require looking at a screen for long periods of time. Give yourself quick breaks throughout the day to look at other things and give your eyes a rest.

Be Smart About Makeup
Used correctly, eye makeup is usually quite safe, however it is important to be careful. Never share eye makeup with others, always remove your makeup before going to bed, and replace your eye makeup every few months so bacteria doesn’t get a chance to build up.

Visit Your Eye Doctor For Regular Checkups
Regular visits to your eye doctor can help you catch vision problems before they become more serious. The sooner a problem is addressed, the better chance you have of minimizing damage and protecting your vision.

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