Do You Have Dry Eyes?

  • Posted on: May 30 2013
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What happens when your eyes do not make enough tears? You will most likely suffer from dry eye syndrome. If you’re not familiar with this eye condition yet, you might want to read below for the most common signs and symptoms of dry eyes.  Here at the Roholt Vision Institute, we spend a great deal of time and attention to the details of diagnosing and treating dry eyes.

What exactly is a dry eye?

The dry eye syndrome refers to a condition wherein your eyes do not make enough tears. Sometimes, the eyes evaporate too quickly because of an abnormality or blockage in the oil glands. Without the tears, your eyes could end up inflamed and irritated.

Keep in mind that not all those with dry eyes may actually experience “dryness”. As a matter of fact, most people with dry eyes have chronically watery vision. By and large, a dry eye would mean that there’s something wrong with your tear ducts and/or tear film.

What causes dry eye?

By and large, dry eyes could result from exposure in a windy or hot climate, side effects of certain medications, hormonal changes, and the aging process.

What are the signs and symptoms of dry eyes?

You should watch out for the following signs and symptoms of dry eyes:

  • aching, scratchy, gritty or sore feeling of the eyes

  • feeling like there’s something stuck in your eyes

  • watery eyes

  • extreme sensitivity to light

  • intolerance or discomfort with contact lenses

  • eyes is easily irritated with fragrances, allergens and smoke

  • fluctuating and/or blurred vision

  • excessive mucus discharge

  • eyelids which feel too “heavy” or “stick shut” at night

Diagnosis of Dry Eyes in Ohio

Here at the Roholt Vision Clinic, special testing can be performed to evaluate the quantity and quality of your tears.  Contact any of our three offices today for a personal consultation — call us at 330-305-2200 or fill out this patient form. We look forward to your visit!

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