Lasik vs. Contacts: Which Is Safer?

  • Posted on: Aug 15 2014
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Image Credit: arztsamui

One of the most common concerns of patients who are looking into having LASIK at the Roholt Vision Institute is whether or not it’s riskier than contact lenses. Comparing both may be akin to comparing apples to oranges. Why is this so? LASIK involves surgery while wearing contact lenses isn’t. As with all types of surgery, complications may arise within a year following the procedure while contact lens users often find themselves at risk for complications as long as as they’re wearing contact lenses.

What Research Has to Say

A study by the Casey Eye Institute team at the Oregon Health and Science University researchers  compared the chances of complications between those who undergo LASIK surgery and long-term contact lens users. By and large, the team found out that vision loss is far greater than long-term contact lens users than those who undergo refractive surgery such as LASIK. Specifically, the study found out that vision loss in contact lens wearers is often a result of eye infection such as bacterial keratitis.

However, the research is not implying that people should stop wearing contact lenses in favor of the LASIK procedure. Instead, they are encouraging people to practice proper contact lens care such as not sleeping with your contacts on as this can further deprived the eyes of oxygen and may increase one’s chances of vision loss. In addition, continuous development in contact lens technology may also reduce the risk of infection in the next few years.

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