Take a Break for Your Eyesight’s Sake

  • Posted on: Oct 30 2013
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Computers are everywhere and so does the increasing numbers of people complaining of computer eyestrain. Signs and symptoms include physical fatigue, back and shoulder pain, red eyes, and eye twitching. Reduced productivity is also apparent. Here at our our Ohio optical practice, we encourage our clients to take frequent breaks when working in front of a computer.

Extra Breaks Don’t Hamper Productivity

Although the idea of taking frequent breaks may lead to decreased productivity, recent studies by the NIOSH reveal that apart from reducing eyestrain and discomfort, frequent breaks did not hamper employee productivity at all. Among data entry employees, work output was maintained despite the employee taking four 5-minute breaks in addition to two 15-minute breaks.

Work Break Ideas

When taking computer breaks, consider standing up and stretching your neck, back, shoulders, arms and legs to reduce muscle tension and fatigue. You might also want to walk around the office or check the nearest establishments like fitness centers and bookstores.

Have Your Eyes Checked Before It’s Too Late!

A visit to Dr. Roholt’s clinic in Ohio will assess several eye problems such as whether you need to have a new prescription or if you need to have certain vision therapies to improve visual functioning.

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