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  • Posted on: Jun 15 2021
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According to statistics, more than 90% of people are expected to develop cataracts at some point in their lifetime. To be more specific, even, experts say that cataracts typically develop by age 65. The condition, historically associated with old age and involving clouding of the eye’s natural lens, can develop much earlier than age 65 in some patient groups. People who rely on the use of steroid medications, who are diabetic, or who have other eye diseases have a higher risk of developing cataracts earlier in life. 

Cataracts don’t form on the eye’s natural lens, but in it. Clouding gradually worsens as proteins in the lens clump together, taking up more and more space in the lens. Signs that cataracts are beginning to develop include seeing rings or halos around lights, being light sensitive, and needing brighter light to read or see well indoors. There is no way to prevent the development of cataracts. A person either does or doesn’t. However, studies indicate the the condition can be slowed down with simple, healthy habits such as:

  • Managing coexisting medical conditions such as diabetes.
  • Getting routine eye exams as advised by a trusted eye doctor.
  • Eating a fresh, healthy diet that has plenty of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Exercising regularly to maintain healthy weight and circulation through the body. 

What Happens When Cataracts Develop?

Cataract surgery is one of the leading ophthalmic procedures performed today. Still, it is not typically the first resort that doctors turn to. When a patient shows signs of cataracts, the eye doctor may adjust their prescription to support optimal vision. Surgery is generally considered when prescription eyeglasses no longer achieve the desired improvement. Because patients are in the driver’s seat in terms of the timing of their cataract surgery, the procedure often does not get scheduled as soon as it should. Cataracts worsen gradually in many cases, so patients don’t notice how badly their vision has been affected. We \encourage patients to consider treatment as soon as they notice that they aren’t doing the same things they used to, like reading in bed or driving at night. 

Millions of cataract surgeries are performed every year. This procedure has a success rate of about 99%, and is revered as one of the safest corrective eye surgeries. There is more to gain by scheduling cataract surgery than not. To learn more, schedule a visit at our Canfield, Alliance, or North Canton office. 

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