Cataract Surgery: Making the Decision

Although cataract surgery may sound like a complex procedure at first, what it involves is quite simple. By and large, the cataract surgeon will simply remove the clouded natural lens and replace it with a lens implant. In the past, cataract surgery was only performed once the cataract was well-developed.   However, that may not be the case.

Asking the Right Questions

Cataract surgery is typically recommended if your cataract has reached the point in which your daily tasks such as reading and driving have been interrupted. In some cases, patients may delay surgery and would like to explore other options. Scheduling an initial consultation with your eye care professional should be your first step to figuring whether or not you need to undergo the procedure.

During the consultation, it pays to ask the right questions to be able to discern if you really need surgery and determine as well if you have found the right surgeon to perform the procedure. Below are suggested questions during the initial conversation with your surgeon: 

  • How advanced is my cataract?
  • What options do you recommend at this point?
  • If cataract surgery is recommended, which lenses are ideal for me and why?
  • How much will the procedure cost?
  • How do I prepare for surgery?
  • Who will perform the surgery?
  • What possible risks should I be aware of? What steps do I need to take to prevent them from happening?
  • Do I need to take certain medications before or after the procedure?
  • How much time should I allot for recovery? When can I resume to my normal routine?
  • Will my existing health care issues or medications affect surgical outcomes?

 Your Cataract Surgery Consultation

Would you like to learn more about your cataract surgery options?  Call us at 330-305-2200 or -1-800-481-9545 today to set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you improve your life through vision correction!


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