When’s the Best Time to Have Cataract Surgery?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology estimated that nearly 70 percent of the population will develop cataracts at one point by the age of 70. By and large, this is a result of lenses becoming thicker with age, making them less flexible and less transparent at the same time. Although surgery is the standard treatment of choice for this condition, a diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean that the procedure should be done immediately.

cataract surgeryAsking yourself the following questions can help figure out if cataract surgery should be done immediately:

Are your cataracts a hindrance to your daily activities or slowing down your occupational task?
Blurry or yellowed vision is one of the main symptoms of cataract. Often, wearing prescription glasses can remedy this problem and help you go on with your daily or occupational routine without hassle. However, the lack of clarity may interfere with your driving, sports, cooking, reading, and other hobbies.

Are your cataracts making it difficult for you to drive at night?
Individuals with advanced cataract tend to have more difficulties seeing at night or in low light. If the condition is distracting you with your night driving and increasing your accident risk, surgery should be done immediately.

Are your cataracts stopping you from living your life to the fullest?
A cataract can make you more sensitive to glare and this could be a problem if you like to surf, ski and other similar outdoor activities. Surgery may help improve visual problems which can potentially lead to issues with physical performance, particularly if you’re an athlete.

Are your cataract-related interventions not working?
Prescription sunglasses and brighter lighting to reduce glare can help improve your vision if you have cataract. If these interventions are not working at all, surgery may be your next option.

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