What is it Like to Recover from Cataract Surgery?

  • Posted on: Jun 4 2019
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Cataract Surgery Canton, Alliance & Canfield, OHWhen cataracts develop, eyesight tends to progressively worsen. Cataract removal surgery is a safe and effective way to regain sharper vision. The procedure itself is uncomplicated on our end. However, we understand that patients may feel apprehensive about having eye surgery. One of the most common questions we are asked involves recovery from cataract surgery. We’ll discuss a few particulars here.

The eyes are quite quick to heal after an injury and also after eye surgery. After cataract removal, patients can expect to resume most of their normal activities within a few days of their procedure. Cataract removal is performed on an outpatient basis. We may monitor a patient for a short time before releasing them into the care of a loved one who will drive them home.

The complete recovery process after cataract removal may take up to four weeks. During this time, vision gradually becomes clearer and sharper. Some patients are able to resume driving after several days.

Precautions after Cataract Removal

There is no need to rush getting back to a normal routine after cataract surgery. It is important that each patient allow their body to rest and recuperate in its own time. As the eyes heal, there are a few precautions that the eye doctor may recommend, such as:

  • Minimize exposure to environmental irritants such as dust and wind as much as possible
  • Use eye drops as directed by the treating physician
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes or placing pressure on them
  • Reduce light sensitivity with low-lighting and by wearing sunglasses outdoors
  • Do no use a hot tub or swimming pool for one week after cataract surgery
  • Go makeup-free for the first week after surgery

Common Sensations after Cataract Removal Surgery

Complications after surgery are rare. Usually, patients experience minimal, if any, sensations that feel out of the ordinary as they recover from cataract surgery. Mild to moderate symptoms such as the following are normal:

  • Slightly blurry vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Itching
  • Mild discomfort such as an ache
  • Red eyes

If side effects from cataract surgery do develop, they typically subside within one to two weeks.

Do you have questions about cataract removal surgery? Contact us in Alliance, North Canton, or Canfield to schedule a consultation.

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