SMILE Vision Correction

Roholt Vision is one of the first centers in the country to introduce a disruptive new technology for vision correction: SMILE. SMILE is “SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction.”  (Click Here) The SMILE procedure is the next generation of laser vision correction after PRK and LASIK. It is unique in that the procedure is done internally and the surface of the cornea is not exposed. This micro refractive method has now been successfully performed on more than 600,000 eyes worldwide.

In SMILE, removal of a tissue disc (called lenticule) instead of tissue ablation, differentiates it from PRK and LASIK, in which an excimer laser is required. An extremely gentle, low power laser is required for SMILE, and the only device approved for and capable of performing this surgery is the Zeiss VisuMax™ laser system, available only at Roholt Vision in the Akron-Canton-Youngstown area (also, the VisuMax™  can accomplish an exceptionally smooth, accurate LASIK flap).

Unlike LASIK, the SMILE procedure is performed without creating a flap. Many patients prefer to be treated without flap creation. Although LASIK is extremely safe, eliminating the flap may reduce dryness, and may reduce chance of infection and inflammation compared to LASIK.  Recent studies indicate “less severe denervation (of the corneal nerves), better mechanical stability of the postoperative cornea, and decreased higher order aberrations (distortion effects) while providing a near identical refractive outcome compared to LASIK.”*

SMILE is not for everyone, and LASIK is still the standard for vision correction, but a courtesy evaluation at RVI will tell you whether you are a candidate for this fascinating technology.

Roholt Vision Institute is proud to bring this new technology to Ohio and the Midwest.

*Son, G, Journal of Refractive Surgery, 2017;33(1):24-29.

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