What is Custom LASIK

Custom LASIK, known also as wavefront-guided LASIK, is the most advanced, individualized treatment available for refractive errors in Canton, Alliance, and North Canfield OH.

What are the advantages of Custom LASIK?

The FDA has approved several systems for wavefront (WF) eye treatment. Studies have shown the superiority of WF over conventional or “optimized” treatment. The Zyoptix™ ACE eye-tracking system used at Roholt Vision has the unique ability to track in the rotational dimension which improves the correction of astigmatism.

Dr. Roholt is qualified to treat patients with both the Zyoptix™ and the CustomVue™ systems. He generally prefers Zyoptix™ because of the wide range of pupil diameters that can be treated. Dr. Roholt was the first in Ohio to perform wavefront-guided LASIK with the advanced Zyoptix™ system.

Custom LASIK procedure

Wavefront sensing technology (WST) acquires a measurement of the entire visual pathway of the eye and provides a unique “fingerprint” of the eye. Most surgeons use a “corneal topographer” which creates a map of the corneal surface. B & L’s Orbscan™ adds more detailed information about the front and back surfaces of the cornea which a conventional topographer cannot do.

We next add WST to the information obtained from the Orbscan™ to get even more information. B & L’s Zywave™ is the only WST that can use the Orbscan™ to determine each eye’s total visual function, and the sum of this diagnostic information is used to perform wavefront-guided LASIK, called “Zyoptix.”

This analysis, available at RVI, gives us unparalleled precision in performing your vision correction procedure. At RVI, we provide CustomCorrection™ for each patient. Not every LASIK eye surgery candidate can have Zyoptix, and some patients are better suited for conventional LASIK, which is called Advanced PlanoScan.

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