Signs that You Need to See an Eye Doctor ASAP

Vision-related changes are part of the natural aging process. Although it may be reasonable not to panic too much about not seeing as clearly as when you were in your prime, seeing an eye doctor for an assessment of your vision is also important.   In most cases of age-related vision problems, early detection is crucial to prevent complete loss of vision.

At Roholt Vision, we encourage patients to get in touch with us immediately once they experience the following:

  • Reading the fine print or anything that requires to be done at close range (sewing, knitting, etc) becomes gradually difficult. The lens in the eyes becomes less flexible as one ages which in turn makes it difficult to focus on objects near you.
  • You begin to see occasional flashes of light or floaters in front of your vision. These floating objects or flashes are actually miniature clumps of cells within the vitreous gel (the clear fluid that makes up the eye). They are common as you age but an abrupt increase could be a sign of torn or detached retina in which surgery is necessary.
  • You tear excessively and your eyes seem to sting or burn frequently. This may be a sign of dry eye syndrome. This is particularly common in women who undergo abrupt hormonal shifts such as during pregnancy and menopause. This problem can be addressed either via medications or surgery.
  • You have trouble focusing at intersections when driving. This could be a sign of deterioration in peripheral vision which may be a sign of glaucoma. People with glaucoma are often initially unaware they have the condition due to the changes happening gradually. Individuals at risk include those who are of African-American heritage, has diabetes, and existing migraines.
  • You start seeing halos around lights and colors tend to be muted. These signs may signify the occurrence of cataract or clouding of the eye’s lens. Surgery is the standard cataract treatment.
  • Recognizing faces becomes extremely difficult. This has to do with blurred central vision, a common sign of age-related macular degeneration.

A personal consultation is your best course of action if you encounter the aforementioned signs and symptoms. Call us at 330-305-2200 or 1-800-481-9545.

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