Want to Boost Your Eye Health? A Pint of Beer or a Glass of Wine May Do the Trick!

  • Posted on: May 10 2014
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Before you actually say that the aforementioned tip is actually a joke, think again! A new study actually revealed that both occasional drinking and regular exercise may significantly improve eye health. The researchers found out that both factors actually play a huge role in preventing visual impairment in adults.

Quick Look of the Study
The study spanned 20 years of data collection and interpretation, with approximately 5,000 adults in the Wisconsin area as subjects, aged between 43 to 84 years. The researchers found out the following important points of the study:

  • 6.7 percent of the subjects who were inactive and a corresponding 2 percent of subjects who exercise 3 or more times a week experienced a certain degree of visual impairment

  • 11 percent of subjects who were non-drinkers and a corresponding 4.8 percent of occasional drinkers experienced a certain degree of visual impairment

Visual impairment, as defined by the researchers in the study, refers to vision loss brought about by an existing medical condition or injury that cannot be corrected with prescription glasses and contact lenses.

Dr. Ronald Klein, one of the researchers of the study, pointed out that “while age is usually one of the most strongly associated factors for many eye diseases that cause visual impairment, it is a factor we cannot change.” In addition, he also emphasized that the results of the study does not prove a cause-and-effect relationship and may require further research.

The Roholt Vision Institute team wholeheartedly agrees about the exercise part of the study. Intriguing as it may sound, the one about having occasional drinks is worth looking into in future research.

Meanwhile, allow us to help you figure out your risk of visual impairment problems! Call us at 330-305-2200  to set up an appointment with our specialists in quality refractive, LASIK, lens implant, and cataract surgery. We look forward to your visit!


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