That Sensation of Having Something in the Eye

Have you ever felt something in your eye for a while now? If you have been feeling “something in your eye”, there’s a huge chance that you have the following eye problems:

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Corneal abrasion and /or laceration

  • Corneal ulcer

  • Chalazion

  • Dry Eyes

If these terms sound unfamiliar to you, don’t worry as we can thoroughly explain these conditions one by one and assess the status of your eye health. As always, early detection is the key to having a healthy pair of eyes.

Your Eye Exam at Roholt Vision Institute

It all starts with the exam at Roholt Vision Institute. For us, the perfect vision is more than 20/20. There is more to healthy eyes than seeing well. Many diseases can cause irreversible vision loss with the patient having no symptoms. Diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration must be discovered early and treatment initiated to preserve vision.

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At Roholt Vision we are back seeing patients at all of our locations.   You will notice less chairs in our waiting rooms and ask that all non-essential companions wait in their car.   We recommend that all patients wear a mask to their appointment.  We want you to know that upon arrival we will be asking you a series of COVID-19 screening questions and your temperature will be taken. 


As far as our staff, each staff member will have their temperature taken upon arrival to work. They will also be wearing masks, instructed on proper handwashing, and are asked not to report to work if they are not feeling well. All staff members have been informed and trained on our increased sanitizing protocol. 


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