Let’s Talk about Eye Injuries for the Active Individual

eye sports injuryJust thinking about sustaining an injury to the eye can cause you to cringe. We feel the same! According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, approximately 40,000 children and adults suffer injuries to the eye on a yearly basis. Ouch! At Roholt Vision Institute, we are familiar with all facets of eye health, and we are committed to assisting patients in resolving concerns related to an eye injury.

Common Eye Injuries

Sports-related eye injuries are not reserved for the avid athlete. Whatever your level of skill, you need to be mindful of the risks. Some of the injuries that ophthalmologists see more frequently include:

  • Corneal abrasion. Scratches on the outermost surface of the eye can occur for several reasons. It could have been that slide into home base during the playoff game, or the close contact with the hand of an opponent in a basketball game. Whatever the direct trauma, a corneal abrasion can feel quite uncomfortable and should be evaluated by your eye doctor. Remember! We have offices in North Canton, Canfield, and Alliance to serve your needs.
  • Blunt trauma. Just the sound of blunt trauma to the eye can cause a cringe. These injuries can happen in a split second, say when you take an elbow to the eye during some MMA training, or even while horsing around with the kiddos. Blunt trauma to the eye may cause swelling and bruising, or worse. This injury should be evaluated by your eye doctor to rule out any damage to the retina.
  • UV damage. We have discussed the value of wearing sunglasses before and will continue to do so. UV damage is a sports-related injury that doesn’t often get attention. The risk of injury from UV light is especially high when time is spent on the water or in the snow. This is because rays of light reflect off of these surfaces and become magnified when they do.

We are here to help you manage eye health, and also to handle the unexpected. Call Roholt Vision Institute for your eye exam.



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