Can LASIK Fully Correct Vision?

  • Posted on: May 15 2019
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LASIK has been a popular procedure for many years. Across our three offices, we have performed this streamlined eye surgery on numerous people interested in correcting various refractive errors. Overall, the satisfaction rate among LASIK patients is above 95 percent. The majority of people who undergo the procedure no longer need to wear glasses or contacts to see well at a range of distances. Still, we cannot claim that LASIK will restore 20/20 vision in all people. When consulting with patients, it is important for us to set realistic expectations pertaining to outcome while also giving patients hope for a more convenient life.

What statistics say about LASIK is that:

  • Over 90 percent of patients treated achieve 20/20 vision
  • Nearly 100 percent of patients treated achieve 20/40 vision or better

Achieving 20/40 vision typically means that no corrective lenses will be needed after LASIK.

Factors that Affect LASIK Results

We generally expect outstanding results for LASIK patients. Predictable outcomes stem from a thorough consultation and examination process before recommending laser vision correction. Some of the factors that may affect LASIK results include:

  • The extent of correction needed. Severe refractive errors may be more difficult to correct using laser technology. LASIK has been quite successful at treating mild to moderate errors in vision. More severe abnormalities can be treated with LASIK but may continue to require a mild prescription for one or more distances.
  • Technology matters. LASIK technology was always good but has continued to get better over time. The latest procedural techniques are regarded for reducing halos and glares as well as maximizing visual clarity.
  • Technical skill. The team at Roholt Vision Institute has received extensive training on up-to-date LASIK techniques. Each doctor takes their time conducting laser vision correction, keeping long-term benefits at the forefront of their treatment objectives.

Learn More about LASIK

We would be happy to help you reduce your need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. To learn more about LASIK, schedule a consultation in our Alliance, North Canton, or Canfield office.

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