Are You Clear about Laser Vision Correction?

  • Posted on: Jan 15 2020
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Laser Vision Correction

Many people who wear contact lenses or eyeglasses wish for a bit more freedom in life. It is possible to reduce the need for corrective lenses by undergoing laser vision correction. While millions of laser procedures have been conducted in recent years, the persistence of common myths regarding laser eye surgery can stand in the way of many people obtaining the clearer vision they desire. Are you clear about what laser vision correction can and cannot do? Here, we explore a few misconceptions you want to avoid.


  1. If I have blurry vision, I’m a good candidate for laser eye surgery.

Procedures like LASIK are known for safety and success. However, to ensure a patient is a good candidate, it is necessary to perform a careful eye exam. Conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, certain autoimmune diseases, and even a thin cornea may exclude a person from laser eye surgery.

  1. Laser eye surgery will hurt.

Who would want to have laser vision correction if they believed the procedure would be painful? To believe this makes sense, though. Laser eye surgery does alter the shape of part of the eyeball, after all. We assure our patients that comfort is high priority and easy to achieve. Two aspects of surgery combine to support comfort. First, the doctor administers numbing eye drops that desensitize the nerves of the eye. This alone eliminates pain sensations. Second, surgery is conducted with a cold laser device. The energy that reshapes the cornea does not heat tissue and is therefore very gentle. After surgery, patients typically experience minor discomfort that is limited to a gritty sensation or subtle ache. Side effects also go away within 24 to 48 hours.

  1. Any eye doctor can perform laser eye surgery.

The idea that any eye doctor can perform laser eye surgery is not necessarily wrong. Patients understandably put trust in their healthcare providers and, when a clinic offers ultra-low pricing on a procedure like LASIK, it is viewed as a good deal. This may not always be the case. If  you are price-shopping for eye surgery, be sure to know what questions to ask your surgeon. This is your vision you’re looking to improve. No corners should be cut in the process just to save a few hundred dollars. Your doctor must perform a thorough eye exam to make sure laser vision correction is right for you. Post-operative care must also be carried out to achieve the best outcome.

At Roholt Vision Institute, we have decades of combined experience that serves our patients well. To learn more about laser vision correction, schedule a consultation with us in Canfield, Alliance, or North Canton.

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