KAMRA Inlay Treatment: What Recovery May be Like

KAMRA Inlay Canton, OH The development of various eye surgeries has been a major step forward in helping patients enjoy healthy eyesight throughout their lifetime. Still, surgery means some degree of recovery. The idea of a difficult procedure or recovery can keep a person from obtaining the care they need. We want our patients to have the details they need to make the most informed decision, so want to share important points of KAMRA treatment here.

Immediate Recovery

The first 48 hours after an eye procedure are generally when the most substantial healing takes place. During this time, patients should expect to encounter a degree of light sensitivity. This often coincides with eye irritation and watering. These common side effects do not inhibit a person’s ability to return to work and other normal activities.

Within the first week after KAMRA inlay treatment, many patients begin to notice improved near vision. This improvement may be more dramatic and quick, or it may be more subtle and continue to develop over several days. Neither situation is “right” or “wrong;” we all recovery at our own pace.

Suggestions for KAMRA Recovery

Understandably, patients want to do what they can to accelerate their recovery when possible. This may be supported by:

  • Strictly following post-operative instructions, including the use of artificial tears and medication.
  • Following-up with the eye doctor as outlined in post-operative instructions.
  • Avoid wearing reading glasses.

Long-Term Recovery

After the initial recovery week, patients can expect vision to continually improve. However, this may fluctuate periodically throughout the first six months after treatment. Patients may notice halos, glare, dry eye, and nighttime visual disturbances. These do not indicate that surgery did not work or that a complication has developed; they represent the internal changes that are occurring in the eye.

If, like so many adults, you have developed presbyopia, you may long for the days when you could read labels or view photos or send texts without having to reach for your eyeglasses. The KAMRA inlay has been developed to help people with presbyopia find freedom from this constant need. After treatment, there should be far fewer instances in which reading glasses are a must.

Learn more about the KAMRA inlay. Call a Roholt Vision Institute near you.

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