Am I At Risk for Glaucoma?

  • Posted on: Apr 30 2014
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Just the other day, a middle-aged woman came in to see us here at the Roholt Vision Institute inquiring about her chances of getting glaucoma. “Both my mother and older brother developed glaucoma late in their lives and I’m deeply concerned that I’ll experience the same,” she explained. If you are concerned of the same thing yourself, read on below to learn whether you are at risk, too.

Although everyone should be concerned about the possibilities of developing glaucoma, there are certain factors which tend to put some people at greater risk such as the following:

  • Family history of glaucoma. There’s no denying that the condition tends to run in families but this does not necessarily translate that all members of the family will develop the condition.

  • Individuals over the age of 40.

  • Individuals with very high intraocular eye pressure. Learn more about high ocular hypertension here.

  • Individuals of certain ethnic backgrounds: Black Americans, Hispanic Americans for open-angle glaucoma, and Asian Americans for angle-closure glaucoma.

  • Nearsighted and farsighted individuals

  • Individuals with thin corneas

  • Individuals with diabetes

  • Constant use of corticosteroids which contains ingredients that can block the ducts in which aqueous fluids are supposed to exit from the eyes which in turn increases intraocular pressure and cause damage to the optic nerve

  • History of eye injuries, particularly the ones that are caused by blunt trauma.

Your Personalized Glaucoma Risk Reduction Plan at the Roholt Vision Institute

The best chance of saving vision when it comes to glaucoma is to assess your risk and come up with a risk reduction plan.

Let us help you come up with a personalized glaucoma risk reduction plan as soon as possible! Call us at 330-305-2200 to set up an appointment with our specialists in quality refractive, LASIK, lens implant, and cataract surgery. We look forward to your visit!

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