Winter Eye Care is Important to Long Term Health

Winter Eye CareLiving in an area that may be covered in white, packed snow for weeks on end, you probably know that your eyes feel at least a little different during the winter months. The fact is, cold air brings dryness to the environment, and that dryness will have an effect on our eyes. But there’s more! If you want your holiday selfies to exhibit your most beautiful, well-treated eyes, consider these tips for winter eye care. And remember, years down the road, you will be happy you did.

    1. Winter sun doesn’t mean safe sun. The sunshine during these months of the year can be just as dangerous as the summer sun that warms you as you enjoy the local waters. We hear a lot about the value of quality sunglasses at that time of year, but it’s important to remember that we are exposed to UV rays every day of the year. When it snows, the intensity of these rays only gets stronger due to glare, so remember to protect your eyes well beyond summertime.
    2. Trade your contacts for eyeglasses. If you wear contact lenses, you probably already know that your eyes are generally dryer simply because these fixtures take a little of your natural moisture. When the environment dries out, so can your contacts. When your contacts dry out, they can become uncomfortable. As needed, you can apply appropriate eye drops, but you also want to nurture your eyes’ natural ability to lubricate. You can do this by wearing eyeglasses during the winter months, as you can depending on your need and activities.
    3. Moisture is key. Have you noticed that your skin is looking dull and flaky? The same dryness that is affecting your skin is affecting your eyes. And it’s not only the air outside that’s doing this, it’s also the heated air in your home or office. To combat the drying of air indoors, add a humidifier into the spaces you use the most. The additional moisture in the air could benefit you in a number of ways.

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