Eye Care Includes Summertime Safeguarding

Eye Consultation OHThere are many ways in which we can take better care of our eyes and our eyesight. When you hear the term “eye protection,” what may initially come to mind is the value of a good pair of sunglasses. It’s true that sunglasses and their UV filtering offer significant benefits. But there is more. There is more than shielding the eyes from the unhealthy light, than eating well to support eye health. We want to talk about it.

Did you know that more than 1 million people suffer eye injury each year? This isn’t the worst part. The American Academy of Ophthalmology has collected some statistics about eye injuries, and what they have to say about it is that most of them could have been prevented. This is why is pays to know how to safeguard properly.

How to Protect your Eyes

First . . .

  • Stay up to date with general eye exams. Full exams observe the various structures in the eye, not just your general vision.
  • If you require specific safety gear, such as prescription goggles for certain types of work, get fitted by your eyecare professional.

Then . . .

  • Take an assessment of your work environment. Are there hazards such as debris or chemicals? Know what to do to protect yourself.
  • Gather appropriate tools, including eyewear. A first aid kit should be accessible if you’re working with chemicals (even cleaning supplies) or pain. Is it time to mow the lawn? Wear goggles that wrap around the side of the face to keep debris from getting in the eyes.
  • Talk with your eye doctor about hidden hazards that may not be immediately recognized.

Playing it Safe

Sporting activities, especially contact sports, pose one of the biggest risks for an eye injury. Whether you are shooting hoops on Sunday mornings with your friends or you are a fierce roller derby queen doesn’t matter, eye injury can put you right on the sidelines. The good news about sports-related eye injuries is that they are often limited to a corneal abrasion, or scratch to the eye’s surface. The bad news is that corneal abrasion can be awfully painful. More good news, though, injury can be prevented with a good pair of sports goggles.

There are several details that go into eye care, but they are all easy. Do you need help with your eyes? We’re here for you. Call Roholt Vision Institute in N. Canton, Canfield, or Alliance.

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