Winter Dryness Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain

  • Posted on: Dec 30 2019
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We’ve reached that time of the year when our outer landscape may change drastically from one week to the next. Gone are the hot, humid days of summer. Now that the air has cooled (oh, how it has cooled!), we need to remember that it has also become much dryer. Where there is dry air, there can be all sorts of frustrations. Chapped lips, cracked hands, and runny noses are just a few. Another problem, dry eyes, may be more than a frustrating, it can get in the way of life. Here, we offer a few tips for keeping your eyes as comfortable as possible this season.

  1. Keep them covered. It may not seem like much, but eyeglasses and sunglasses provide a nice buffer between the eyes and the outside environment. When we say the outside environment, we also mean the dry air in office buildings, stores, and homes. When sunglasses cannot be worn, nonprescription eyeglasses can be both a fashion statement and a protective measure.
  2. Remember the value of water. On a chilly day, a tall glass of cold water may be the last thing we think of as appealing. However, internal hydration remains vitally important. Studies suggest that dehydration is a large contributing factor to dry eye. Don’t fret, hydrating can feel good at this time of year. Try yummy herbal teas and warm, flavored water (think lemon and honey) as an alternative to plain water.
  3. Prepare for surprise dryness. Often, a change in weather is met with a strong, immediate response from the eyes. If dry eyes come on unexpectedly, the best thing to be is prepared. Purchase lubricating eye drops before you need them and keep them handy. If you have an eye condition or wear contact lenses, talk to your eye doctor for products that are best suited to your eyes.
  4. Give the eyes some pampering. A warm, moist washcloth can do wonders for dry, irritated eyes. This soothing remedy can be done once a day or several times a day. It’s got corrective qualities as well as preventative ones.
  5. Give the eyes a rest. Most people spend several hours a day looking at some type of digital screen. To look at a screen for any length of time is to forget something: blinking. The eyes do not blink as often when focused on a task. This is why digital screens are associated with eye strain and dry eye. To prevent or remedy wintertime dry eye, remember to take frequent breaks from screens of all kinds.

Dry eyes are one of many problems an ophthalmologist can help you with. For personal eye care from an experienced team, contact Roholt Vision Institute in Canfield, North Canton, or Alliance.

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