Smoking Affects the Health of Your Eyes

Most people who use tobacco products today are well aware of the warnings made about this substance. Smoking and other tobacco use have been identified as a leading cause of disease and early death. Additionally, the habit is recognized as a preventable cause of medically significant conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Essentially, smoking and tobacco have numerous ill-effects on your health, including eye health.

eye careDry Eye Disease

Dry, irritated eyes can be uncomfortable and frustrating. There is more to the condition that a little irritation. The eyes may become irritated for a number of reasons, but true dry eye disease results from insufficient tear production or evaporation that occurs too quickly. In order for the eyes to be healthy and functional, the biofilm that coats the surface must be maintained. Without the right proportions of water and oil, the eyes become excessively dry, itchy, and watery.

How Smoking Relates to Dry Eye Disease

Tobacco is not the only ingredient in cigarettes. Various chemicals are also present, and their remnants transfer into cigarette smoke. These chemicals are absorbed by the skin as well as the eyes, causing issues such as burst capillaries. This presents as visible veins on the nose and cheeks. As it relates to the eyes, smoking doubles the risk of dry eye disease.

Smoking also Linked to Macular Degeneration

We usually see macular degeneration in the elderly. This condition affects the retina, the area of the eye responsible for focus. As the retina breaks down, blind spots develop, presenting issues in the performance of daily activities. According to research, smokers are three-times more at risk for macular degeneration than those who do not smoke. Women who smoke are more than five times more likely to develop this condition.

When you consider how you can promote health and vitality, it is important to remember the importance of clear, crisp vision. Smoking is one of several factors to be mindful of. To learn more about your eye health and how you may protect it, visit Roholt Vision Institute in Canfield, Alliance, or North Canton. Our team has the experience you can count on for appropriate solutions to your concerns.

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