Cataracts – How Can I Get Rid of Them?

Cataracts are a vision problem that usually affects people in the latter part of their lives. It is characterized by cloudy vision and can make it hard for the patient to drive at night and recognize faces. Although  people over the age of 65 are more likely to have this problem, younger people can develop cataracts, too.

The cause of cataracts is buildup of protein in the lens, making it cloudy. This cloudiness of the lens prevents some light from passing through it, resulting in loss of vision.

The only way to solve cataracts is surgery. In the procedure, the cloudy lens is surgically removed and replaced by a new artificial lens.   Lenses vary from standard to presbyopia correcting lenses.    Based on the patients desired outcome of whether or not he/she wants to wear reading glasses after surgery, the physician will discuss the best lens option with the patient.  The surgery is very safe and requires only local anesthesia.

At Roholt Vision Institute, we perform cataract eye surgery using the most highly advanced techniques.    The patient’s  vision will  improve remarkably after the procedure; it will be as if a fog was lifted from their eyes.

Although cataract surgery is done on an outpatient basis, patients need to refrain from doing any kind pushing, pulling, or lifting of objects greater than 30 pounds for approximately one week after surgery.

Put the cloudiness of cataracts behind you with cataract surgery at Roholt Vision Institute.

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