Can LASIK Help With My Astigmatism?

A LASIK procedure at the Roholt Vision Institute reverses refractive errors like astigmatism. Generally, refractive errors occur due to irregularities in the shape of the cornea. Depending on the specific irregularity in the cornea, an individual with a refractive error can be nearsighted, farsighted, or have blurred vision.

Not all types of astigmatism may be addressed with LASIK though.

By and large, the cornea’s shape should normally resemble that of a basketball. However, it usually takes the shape of a football amongst individuals with astigmatism. An irregularly shaped cornea makes it difficult for light to enter the eye. Instead of focusing on a single point on the retina, light is directed into multiple points resulting to blurred vision.

Astigmatism can also result from eye trauma or injury. It is important to note that astigmatism of this kind may not be treated or reversed with LASIK.

A personal consultation with any of the Roholt Vision Institute team will help you find out if the type of astigmatism you have can be corrected with LASIK.   Call us at 330-305-2200 to schedule an appointment today!

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