Patient Testimonials

Dear Dr. Roholt, Dr. Mathie, & Staff,

Thank you so much for all your kindness and work you did so that I may have my farsight returned to me! I am so very happy with the results! As of the 3rd day I was already seeing 20/20! I knew after only 3 hours after the Lasik procedure that when I opened my eyes and saw my alarm clock it was a success! I’ve never seen it til then! Amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Cathy

Dear Dr. Roholt,

Just a little thank you to you and your staff. You are a true Pro; and I am very happy that the VA sent me to you! I would recommend you to anyone who needs an eye doctor. Thank you! Larry

To Dr. Roholt’s Staff,Just wanted to say thank you for being treated very very good; starting with the first girl you see when coming in there; and right on thru with everyone who had something to do with me! Thank you! Sincerely, Larry

Dr. Roholt and Staff-Just wanted to let you know that I am doing great since my Lasik surgery on Fri. (Nov 4). To be able to see so well with no contacts is amazing!! I had a checkup with Dr. Bennett today and he said everything looks great. He & I were talking about the great gorup of people at Roholt. You were wonderful in helping me over my fear & the hand on mine during the surgery was very comforting! I’m bragging about you to anyone who will listen. Thanks Again! Miriam

Dear Dr. Roholt,Many thanks for the surgery you did for me and I am so happy with my eyes for everything is beautiful. I appreciate the kindness shown from all of your staff. We need more people in this world Dr. Roholt like you. Your friend, Sandy

Everything has turned out superbly. It has been everything I expected and more. Dr. Roholt and his staff are the best in the business with an impeccable record. Thank you so much for all you have done. Sincerely, John
Nothing!!! I love waking up and seeing without needing glasses. The staff was great, very professional & friendly. So glad I had the surgery. Megan
Nothing!! I was very well pleased, I have very excellent vision now. I wore glasses for over 50 years. Not now though. Thank you so very much.Dr. – you’re amazing!! Wow!!! Claire

My vision is better than ever. Glasses & contacts do not compare to how well I can see now. Laura
The physicians and staff at Roholt Vision Institute provided outstanding service and care. Everyone was very professional and I would definitely do it all over again if I had to! Dr. Roholt: Keep up the great work with our vets too! Mary
Dr. Philip Roholt, Dr. Brian Mathie and staff:Thank you for the excellent eyesight I received as a result of your lens implant, PRK and YAG procedures. I now have 20/15 acuity in both eyes and only require glasses for reading. I feel very blessed to have this kind of sight at age 74. I had been plagued by astigmatism most of my adult life and that is now eliminated in one eye and at a negligible level in the other. Each of you doctors as well as your excellent staffs have been competent in your procedures as well as patient and kind in your treatment of me. Your ability to measure the eye as a prelude to corrective surgery as well as each process itself is most impressive. You explained every step of the procedures beforehand and eliminated any fear I may have had regarding them. At the same time, you made it convenient for me to come to your offices for post-operative checks. Sincerely, Robert

Nothing! You guys are amazing – you’ve changed my life and I am forever grateful! Thank you – Staci
NOTHING – AFTER 40 yrs of wearing glasses, this was the best decision I ever made for myself. Could not have picked a more professional, caring, and fun office to have had this done with -Thank you Thank you Thank you Ronald

Nothing, it was the best thing I every did for myself. Staff is wonderful – a very well oiled practice, I have bragged about your office. Marsha

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