Which LASIK Laser is Best?

lasik laser eye surgeryThe laser used for LASIK can make a difference in your result. Dr. Roholt believes the Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217 gives better vision. The outcomes in FDA studies document the superiority of the Technolas 217 ever since its introduction to the US in the 2000.  Roholt Vision was the first in the midwest to perform Zyoptix™ Wavefront-guided LASIK, and Zyoptix™ 6-D ACE™ eyetracking to increase safety and improve results for you.  No other laser system has this advanced eyetracker.  The Zyoptix system is capable of customizing pupil size to reduce glare, and removes the least amount of tissue per diopter correction of any competing laser.

The best way to compare the different lasers is to look at the results submitted to the FDA by the laser manufacturers. (www.fda.gov) FDA approval studies are carefully reviewed, unbiased studies which give the consumer an accurate comparative picture of a laser’s performance. Click here to see the chart taken from FDA submission material for the different laser brands; this may help you compare lasers.

For detailed information, in context, please refer to the original FDA PMA’s. For myopia less than -8 diopters, most clinical studies show that PRK and LASIK are comparable, so FDA information on PRK is included when LASIK is not available. This data clearly shows the excellence of the Bausch & Lomb Technolas 217 for treatment of myopia and myopic astigmatism, both conventional and wavefront-guided LASIK (Zyoptix).

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