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Specialty Contact Lenses

At Roholt Vision Institute we are very excited to be able to offer specialty contact lens fittings with Dr. Nicholas Lawrence.   A patient who is unable to get good vision or comfort out of a soft contact lens or a rigid gas permeable lens may be a good candidate for a contact that actually vaults […]

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Another Happy Patient

Dr Roholt recently helped a 20 year old female  go from +5.25 -1.75 x 160 OD and +5.75 -2.50 x 010 OS to GLASSES FREE.  While a patient with a high hyperopic refraction isn’t typically a good LASIK candidate, they can be a candidate for a refractive lensectomy (RLE).  In this case, Dr. Roholt implanted […]

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Visian ICL

My name is Gwen and I am a technician at Roholt Vision Institute.  I started wearing glasses in the first grade.  By middle school I was so nearsighted I couldn’t make out the “BIG E” on a vision chart unless it was 3 feet in front of me.  I wore contact lenses from ages 12-20 […]

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